Fine hair: the colors to give it more volume

Blonde, chestnut, black, mahogany, reddish and even green, blue or pink. Currently, the hair coloring options are practically limitless. Hair dyes are among the commonly used cosmetic products. Staining is considered normal and even routine in our society. But really why do we dye ourselves?

The role of hair dyes is not limited only to covering gray hair. A touch of color can bring much more than you imagine. Raise self-esteem, a radical makeover, shape our features. Also, contrary to popular belief, not all dyes harm our hair. In this article we will solve your doubts.

How does it work?

The nuanced coloration, such as tie & dye and highlights, will make your mane appear denser. It will give the feeling that your hair is much thicker thanks to the contrast between light and dark colors. To achieve this optical effect, your hairdresser will be able to color it a shade lower than your natural color and lighten some strands on the surface.

The effect can be horizontal (roots are darker) or vertical thanks to the reflex technique. On the contrary, you should avoid homogeneous and too extreme coloration such as platinum blonde or ebony black, since they do not provide any sense of density.

It is best that you put yourself in the hands of a specialist. Your hairdresser will know how to find the shade that suits your taste and will take into account other elements such as the color of your skin, your cut and the shine of your hair.

The different solutions

If you are not looking for a radical change

Opt for classic highlights. Just leave a few lighter strands to give movement to the cut.

The fashion option

The most daring will be able to choose the Californian highlights. This finish consists of illuminating the ends to achieve a luminous effect andit's a different technique than tie & dye, since the contrast between blond and tan is considerably less radical. With this method, your hair will look voluminous and shiny. For further info, Click here

The natural version

You can also bet on a coloration with chestnut and blonde highlights. When mixed, it will look like you're wearing a light chestnut in the shade and a dark blonde in the sun. The large color palette used gives it a sense of depth. The result is natural and subtle thanks to the combination of two reflection techniques: the vertical and the horizontal. In fact, Gisele B√ľndchen has already adopted this effect in a gold version to perfect her surfer look.

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